Lastovo ISLAND

For thousands of years, the island of Lastovo has stood the test of time far out at sea, surrounded by the crystal clear waters where the white sails of sailboats glide, covered in dense green forests, illuminated by the sun during the day, and at night by the lights of old stone lighthouses and the starriest sky you can imagine. There, far away from the crowds and mass tourism, far away from noise, and at times, far away from electricity and internet, you will find peace and quiet that is disturbed only by the call of seagulls and the songs of crickets. On that island, trapped in timeless beauty, you will find the last preserved corner of the Mediterranean as it truly once was.

Here are LuxMediterraneum top 5 reasons to visit Lastovo.


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Lastovo Island is one of the most biologically preserved areas in the Mediterranean.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has declared Lastovo as a priority for conservation of the Mediterranean biodiversity in 2003. Lastovo is still one of the last jewels in the Mediterranean that is almost untouched by commercial tourism development.

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It is hard to find a better place for digital detox then Lastovo.

Put away your smartphones and connect yourself with nature. Lastovo with its natural and historical heritage will not just help you disconnect from every day fast life but it will take you to the past with its natural and historical heritage.

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A hidden town of Lastovo is the cultural and historical entity.

Due to its unique renaissance architecture and amphitheater-style of construction, Lastovo is a unique medieval settlement. It is located on steep slopes inside the island for a reason. Frequent pirate attacks from sea encouraged the people of Lastovo to build a settlement in the interior for better protection. Builders were also creative, you will see that just by observing Fumaries – decorated chimneys built in a special manner.

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Number 46 is symbolic for Lastovo.

The Lastovo archipelago includes 46 islands, islets, skerries and reefs, 46 fields and 46 churches. If you are arriving from the open sea, monumental lighthouse Struga will show you the light and lead the way to the Hidden Harbour. With lighthouses Sušac and Glavat nearby too you will feel safe navigating among these 46 islands during night and day.

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Above Lastovo is the second darkest sky in Europe.

View to the sky and stars at night is a magnificent experience. In 2008. two Slovenian astrophotographers confirmed that starry sky above Lastovo is the prettiest in Europe.

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