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A place where culture, ecology, and tourism meet. Here you will not find classic touristic content, but you can stimulate your imagination and start a journey.

Sailing on an elegant and beautiful yacht you will experience Mediterranean and Croatian culture in a most balanced way.

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boutique sailing EXPERIENCES

It is 6 days sailing from Dubrovnik region, along with the accompanying recreational and thematic activities. We will take you to an adventure with a fully equipped sailing yacht to:

  • Experience authentic life on board in comfort
  • Get to know the beautiful cultural and natural heritage of the southern Adriatic
  • Take back to your home the unforgettable experience


Graem: “Olivia sailing yacht is beautiful and homely with a “toes in the water” intimate feel combined with a touch of simple luxury. The yacht and crew capture a real adventure feel nice pace along with comfort and quality….”

“This was my first time sailing (the Olivia is a beautiful boat!) and I was hesitant about going as a single person, but I met some amazing people and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip!”

Natalie, USA

“This trip exceeded my expectations! The Skipper (Vlado) and First Mate (Una) were very professional, friendly, attentive, and most importantly…fun! “


Marta, Colombia

“Having sailed for the first time this summer deciding to return to Croatia for round 2 of sailing adventure with LuxMediterraneum was a very easy choice! The experience was first class …”

Graem, UK

Fly to Dubrovnik & Sail Croatia

Our journey begins in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Dubrovnik. It’s known for its distinctive Old Town, encircled with massive stone walls completed in the 16th century which are immersed in the blue Adriatic Sea.  Dubrovnik Airport Ćilipi is situated less than 20km south of the city and directly connected to many destinations like Philadelphia, Moscow or European cities London, Berlin, Zurich which are within 2 – 3 hour flight distance.

Struga Lastovo Sailing

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Sailing and National Parks


Our popular sailing tours

Want to explore the natural and historical heritage of the Mediterranean?
We organize tours to mysterious places outside tourist routes. We are particularly interested in the topics of monumental lighthouses, sailing and traveling the Mediterranean in ancient times, issues of ecology and protection of the sea… The results of the research may serve to produce a documentary or book.


Sail outside lighthouses


Mystical history of the island

Something special!

A two-week trip outside the main tourist routes from Dubrovnik to Venice. Discover by sailing, cycling, rowing hundreds of islands in the Adriatic Sea and its rich natural and historical heritage.


The best of the Mediterranean

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TAilor-made adventures

For your group, family, and friends we offer you our services to make a tailored program that includes sailing and other activities like recreational activities, gourmet visits and more.

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