There is an island in southern Croatia that is completely different from all other islands you know. The Ancient Greeks called it Korkyra Melaina, and the Romans called it Corcyra Nigra, or roughly translated, Black Korčula.

Korčula was called “black” for its dense forest of holly oak, but also of pine trees, and their aroma, combined with other Mediterranean herbs, its the first thing you will notice upon arrival on the island. People who come to Korčula want to return back again and again. Here are LuxMediterranean top 5 reasons to visit Korčula.

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Korcula is commonly linked to Marko Polo, the famous Venetian explorer, and travel writer.

While Venice is claiming to be a birth city of Marko Polo, people of Korčula will convince you that his house is in the old city center. There is a dispute as to whether the Polo family is of Venetian origin, as Venetian historical sources considered them to be of Dalmatian origin. Nevertheless, you can visit Marko Polo Museum and go back in time.

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A holiday with a taste of Grk, a superb white vine from Lumbarda, many will say also a kingdom of Grk

Grapes of Grk vine grow the best in the sandy vineyards of Lumbarda’s fields. It pairs excellently with seafood dishes and dishes made with white meat. It isn’t certain whether the sort got its name for its fine, somewhat bitter taste, or from the Greeks who established their city here in the 3rd century BC.

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Korcula on listings of many media outlets worldwide

German magazine HORZU proclaimed Korčula to be the most beautiful island on the world and left behind other hit destinations like Seychelles, Hawaii, Bora Bora, and others. New York Times placed Korčula 17th from 52 destinations in 2016. Along with that American website Huffington Post published a list of “30 Things to Do in Europe Before you Die” and added the “Half New Year Carnival” on the island Korčula to it.

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Moreska is a sword dance performed only by males from Korcula town.

The mock battle dance with each soldier holding two swords is traditionally performed on July 29 (St. Theodore’s Day) and weekly during the summer. Documentation shows that the Moreška sword dance has been performed in Korčula since at least the 17th century, but the dance may be older since double swords were known sword technique in the 16th century.

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the best for last, and in Korcula, they would say “cukarini come last”.

Don’t leave Korčula without trying this traditional dessert that melts in your mouth, while it leaves behind the aroma of lemon and orange that ripened under the warm Korčula sun. They are traditionally eaten after being dipped in sweet Prosek wine. Klasuni, amarete and brustulani mindeli are also sure to win you over with their tantalizing aromas.

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