When you search the Internet about the Island of Hvar you will find very easily many clichés for the purpose of tourism. But Hvar as an island is much more than sunny weather, long coast, and parties. Hvar popularity today is thanks to its rich history, culture and geographical position as well as natural beauty.

Here are some less known facts about island Hvar.

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Lavanderman is one of the most recognizable superheroes of Croatia.

He derived his powers from the common, sweet-smelling plant lavender, which gave him the ability to fight superiorly against moths, mosquitoes, headaches, insomnia, and dizziness. This superhero comes from Jelsa on Hvar island. It is obvious now that Hvar was known for its production of lavender oil until the big fire in late 90’ that destroyed and put down the production of oil from 20 ton to 2 ton per year.

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First island library in Adriatic sea opened in Jesla more than 150 years ago.

This event marked the beginning of the modern history of Jelsa and Hvar island. Imagine life on the island without Internet not so long ago and life during winter months. Island libraries then as well as today have an important role in the social and cultural life of the island. So, when on Hvar stop by a library.

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Petar Hektorovic was poet and collector of Hvar’s fishermen songs,

But he was not just a poet. In Stari Grad, you can enjoy his architecture work, which will take your breath. Castle with fishpond is his life work just like his poems are. In it, he realized the idea of a microcosm – a small, closed world where all gods creations have a living space. In that closed world, he provided places for travelers, for poor, for birds and fish, selected herbs and selected holy women.

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Stari Grad Plain is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The vineyards and olive groves in the Plain have remained practically intact since it was first colonized by the ancient Greeks. They are a unique example of the geometric land division used in ancient times.

Olives were planted with grain, on the marginal karst fields. They made wine for their own needs, and they also bred figs, pomegranates, and almonds. They have been engaged in beekeeping, fishing, and hunting too. Tip: Perfect way to get around Stari Grad Plain is by bicycle.

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Not everything is perfect, so Hvar like many islands have a problem with depopulation of villages.

In Croatia, there are few NGO’s that are making efforts in revitalization of these areas. You can see them from the sea and by exploring inside of the island. These ghost-like villages where time stopped have a special beauty, so we hope for a better future for those places. Hvar is more than sun and swimming, stay and explore this green jewel in a blue sea.

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