When you search the Internet about the Island of Hvar you will find very easily many clichés for the purpose of tourism. But Hvar as an island is much more than sunny weather, long coast, and parties. Hvar popularity today is thanks to its rich history, culture and geographical position as well as natural beauty.

Here are some less known facts about island Hvar.


There is an island in southern Croatia that is completely different from all other islands you know. The Ancient Greeks called it Korkyra Melaina, and the Romans called it Corcyra Nigra, or roughly translated, Black Korčula.

Korčula was called “black” for its dense forest of holly oak, but also of pine trees, and their aroma, combined with other Mediterranean herbs, its the first thing you will notice upon arrival on the island. People who come to Korčula want to return back again and again. Here are LuxMediterranean top 5 reasons to visit Korčula.

Dubrovnik Croatia

AFAR Travelers’ Choice Awards 2019

The Croatian tourist pearl of Dubrovnik was declared as the best cultural destination for 2019 by many readers of the popular American tourist platform AFAR. It is the recognition that this organization grants within the category of destinations, and Dubrovnik has achieved the highest number of votes of numerous American travel lovers.

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Island Hopping from Dubrovnik to Lastovo.

A true nautical treat awaits you in the far south of Croatia which is comprised of an attractive coastline and heavenly islands and islets some of which guard valuable heritage – lighthouses. Our sailing tours go along these beautiful places, between many small islands and out to the open sea.

Here you will find out 5 reasons why this is nautical paradise.

Lastovo ISLAND

For thousands of years, the island of Lastovo has stood the test of time far out at sea, surrounded by the crystal clear waters where the white sails of sailboats glide, covered in dense green forests, illuminated by the sun during the day, and at night by the lights of old stone lighthouses and the starriest sky you can imagine. There, far away from the crowds and mass tourism, far away from noise, and at times, far away from electricity and internet, you will find peace and quiet that is disturbed only by the call of seagulls and the songs of crickets. On that island, trapped in timeless beauty, you will find the last preserved corner of the Mediterranean as it truly once was.

Here are LuxMediterraneum top 5 reasons to visit Lastovo.