Island Hopping from Dubrovnik to Lastovo.

A true nautical treat awaits you in the far south of Croatia which is comprised of an attractive coastline and heavenly islands and islets some of which guard valuable heritage – lighthouses. Our sailing tours go along these beautiful places, between many small islands and out to the open sea.

Here you will find out 5 reasons why this is nautical paradise.


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Dubrovnik is the tourist gem that had won over the hearts of tourists all over the world.

Over the past few years has also been a popular filming location for films and series like The Game of Thrones. It is also the southmost large harbor in Croatia with an international airport and therefore is a perfect place to start or finish your sailing trip.

Dubrovnik today is famous for its two main reasons. First is the Old City with big fortification wall which can be seen on all touristic photos of Dubrovnik. The more interesting part is how Dubrovnik get his glory and become so rich which takes us to the second reason – Dubrovnik Republik. In medieval time Dubrovnik was very strong trading navy and with skilled diplomacy, they were one of the leading powers in the Mediterranean.


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We are starting our nautical dream in the Elaphiti islands, which are comprised of 13 islands and islets.

Splashed by the turquoise sea end blessed by natural beauty, the Elaphiti islands are guarding many of Dubrovnik Republic treasures. Our favorite of them all is Šipan island, covered in vineyards, olive groves, and citrus orchards. In all weather condition, you can always find a beautiful and protected place for swimming, kayaking and relaxing on a sailboat with good company. For sailors, the most important Elafiti island is Sveti Andrija because of its monumental lighthouse dated from 1873. and built by the Austro-Hungarian empire. This uninhabited rocky island with rich fauna has the status of a bird reserve. 

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Ston was a military fort of the Dubrovnik Republic. The town is located at the far south of the peninsula PeljeSac, a famous wine region.

Defensive walls of Ston are among the most famous in the world. It was built to protect peninsula and salt farm which can be compared to a gold mine today, considering the importance and value of salt in that period of time.

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We are sailing to the open sea and towards the island of Mljet, the greenest island in the Adriatic sea.

We are still on the territory of Dubrovnik Republic. Also known as the Odyssey island. According to the legend, a Greek hero Odyssey sailed around Mljet and was seduced by the nymph Calypso in a cave. This magical island with the dark green forest is hosting one of the Croatian most beautiful national parks in the northwest part of the island. The best way to visit the Mljet National Park lakes is with a bicycle or by foot and enjoy shady roads and hiking trails that go around crystal clear lakes with gorgeous St. Mary islet in the middle.

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Half a day sailing away in the open sea is the most remote inhabited island Lastovo.

In summer time it is usually calm and pleasant sailing, and sporty when we have windy days. Nevertheless, sailors who reach Lastovo will be reworded by its meditative atmosphere and uniqueness. Lastovo is far away frontier of Dubrovnik Republic and here we will finish this short journey. You can read more about Lastovo in our article: Lastovo Island – Top 5 reasons to visit.

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