The International Day of Light (May 16,) is UNESCO global initiative that provides a platform for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications and energy.

We are proud that one of the topics that were chosen and presented in Croatia is our non-profit project “Legends Of The Light”. If you have read Our story, maybe you already know what “Legends Of The Light” is.

In the attractive book and documentary we documented and presented the importance of the lighthouses, how and why they were built and peculiar way of life of lighthouse keepers as well as some key moments through 200 years history. It took 5 years of research and filming to produce the book and documentary. Validation that we have on events like this UNESCO event give us motivation for new project like this.  

Jurica Gašpar, who is part of our team and author of the book grew up on lighthouse and his father was a lighthouse keeper on a lighthouse near Dubrovnik where we sail. Some of our sailing programs are based on that project as we are following some of most monumental lighthouses in the Adriatic sea.

Below you can see documentary produced and filmed by Igor Goić, also a part of our non-profit team.



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